A trip of a lifetime

About me

  My name is Noemi Rodriguez. I’m originally from Spain but I consider myself a world citizen, the world is my house and the road is my path. Since I can recall, I write my dreams with photographs, and I have discovered my passion for travelling through the years.

 The starting of my trips comes up from my necessity of experiencing the world I live in. There are so many cultures that we can learn from and so many new situations to experience that I felt I was missing something big.

 So after finishing my Photography and Film studies and doing a couple of internships in different places in Europe, I was ready to start exploring the world. I had already traveled in Asia a couple of years before but I was not alone on that trip, this time it was a real adventure.

 This blog is about my first big solo experience: a five-month-trip through Southern and East Africa. It emerges from both my passion for travelling and that one for Photography.

 You will probably wonder… bearing in mind what? That is for you to discover. As I am discovering the world.


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